Classical Concert Pianist: Mr. Samuel Rotman

Concert pianist Mr. Rotman has devoted himself to the study and performance of the works of Beethoven. Come and enjoy!
Mr. Rotman received his Bachelor and Master of Music degrees from the Juilliard School in New York City. While a student, he was the recipient of nine awards in the form of grants, scholarships, and prizes. Today Mr. Rotman is a member of The Augustus D. Juilliard Society at the Juilliard School. Subsequently, he has been among the winners in five piano competitions, both in the United States and Europe.
Mr. Rotman has devoted a specific area of his musical life to the study and performance of the works of Beethoven. Beginning with a series of all Beethoven concerts in 1970 (the Beethoven bi-centennial), he was presented on Public Broadcast System in a special Beethoven concert. Mr. Rotman continues to perform the works of Beethoven in recital and with orchestra.
Growing up in in a very religious Jewish family, he was bar mitzvahed at 13 and confirmed at 15, and was faithful in his morning prayers. Besides formal worship on Friday nights and Saturday mornings, he attended religious education classes and was deeply committed to his faith. However, on May 21, 1971 he realized that he could no longer hide his sinful life from God. For the first time, he prayed to God in Jesus’ name to forgive him of his sins, to take his life, and make him His. When he finished praying, he knew that God had heard and answered his prayers. “I was completely changed. God cleansed my heart.”
Please consider joining us for a time of remarkable performance and testimony. There will be a time of refreshments and conversation in the fellowship hall following the concert.
Registration is free and necessary only to ensure we have adequate space for our guests. A donation basket will be provided for those interested in providing Mr. Rotman an honorarium.

Parking is available across from the church at Osborne Elementary School.