Ministers, Interns, and Missionaries

Our Ministers

Donald M. Poundstone – Pastor: 1970-1975

David King – Moderator of Session: 1975-1976

Charles G. Dennison – Pastor: 1976-1999

Lawrence Semel – Served on the Grace Church session in the oversight of Reformation OPC in Morgantown, WV: 1981-1986

Douglas B. Clawson – Evangelist: 1984-1987

Danny E. Olinger – Associate Pastor: 1996-1998

Robert L. Broline, Jr. – Associate Pastor: 2000-2004

Brett Mahlen – Associate Pastor: February 2011 – October 2016

R. Daniel Knox – Evangelist: 1984-1998; Associate Pastor 1998-1999; Pastor: 1999-2018

Allan Story – Interim Pastor: 2020

Our Interns

David Kiester (Summer 1976, preached at Grace Church under the oversight of the Rev. David King, ministerial adviser to the session)

Douglas Clawson (1984)

Richard Sowder (1984)

Daniel Gross (15 months 1986-1987, serving a mission work in Canton, PA)

Yong Kim (summer 1997)

Sanjay Patel (summer 1998)

Robert Tarullo (summer 1999, yearlong 2002-2003)

Matthew Cotta (yearlong 2001-2002)

Brian Belh (yearlong 2005-2006)

David Donovan (yearlong 2008-2009)

Foreign Missionaries

Grace OPC currently has direct involvement with two foreign missionaries. A unique relationship has been maintained with the Rev. Stewart (Woody) E. Lauer, OPC missionary to Japan, whose ordination and installation service was held at the Grace Church building on May 18, 1985. His wife Laurie and their children have maintained membership in Grace Church during the years of their family’s service on the field.

Then, on December 14, 2008, Dr. James D. Knox was ordained and installed as a deacon of Grace Church, being commissioned to serve the OPC as a medical missionary in Uganda.